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New Blog October 21, 2008

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Please do not visit this site anymore.  I will not be posting anything new, so you might as well check the other blog.  The address is  It is in your best interest, if you want to visit my site, to use that blog instead.




Guessing Game October 17, 2008

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This is part of my Halloween costume. Add a comment guessing what it is.  Have fun guessing!!


Tag October 10, 2008

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I’ve been tagged. In this tag, you have to open my pictures, and put the fourth picture, in the fourth folder. on your blog.  This picture was in the folder labeled K.I.S.S book.  K.I.S.S stands for Kool, International, Secret, Sisters.  I know that cool is spelled wrong, but anyway, my friends and made up this “program”.  We did a photo shoot, then we made a scrapbook with the pictures we took. The name of the book was, yes you guessed it, K.I.S.S. This is my friend Alison in the “cinnabun” dress.  It was a ball!  Oh, and I tag Traci and Chris Carter, and Betsy and Cameron Daley.


Lots of information September 23, 2008

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Ok, so I didn’t make the play, but it is alright.  Today in foods we made chocolate chip cookies.  They were GREAT!!  One more thing, for the month of October, I will be posting a few small pictures of what my costume will be.  It will include one piece of the costume.  Then I will have you guess what the costume is.  So there is a sneak peak for the month of October!!  Oh and the picture is just random.


Call backs September 18, 2008

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Everyone,  I will find out whether I made call backs or not on Monday!!  Instead of doing Our Town, we will be doing a night of comedy!!!!  It will be so much fun. Oh and the picture has nothing to do with anything.  I was just being really random.


Nothing September 15, 2008

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I never have anything to post. My life is really boring,

but today I do have some great news! I made the call

backs for the school play!!! The play will be “Our Town”.

I hope that I make it. I’m so excited. Anyway, I love you

all, and will update you if I make it.


Bending glass September 5, 2008

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Today in school we bent glass.  It was so much fun.  I made mine in a shape that looks kind of like a flamingo.  This isn’t my glass, but this is what they look like.Trinkroehrchen_DSCN6113.jpg