The World of Three

Lots of information September 23, 2008

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Ok, so I didn’t make the play, but it is alright.  Today in foods we made chocolate chip cookies.  They were GREAT!!  One more thing, for the month of October, I will be posting a few small pictures of what my costume will be.  It will include one piece of the costume.  Then I will have you guess what the costume is.  So there is a sneak peak for the month of October!!  Oh and the picture is just random.


Call backs September 18, 2008

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Everyone,  I will find out whether I made call backs or not on Monday!!  Instead of doing Our Town, we will be doing a night of comedy!!!!  It will be so much fun. Oh and the picture has nothing to do with anything.  I was just being really random.


Nothing September 15, 2008

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I never have anything to post. My life is really boring,

but today I do have some great news! I made the call

backs for the school play!!! The play will be “Our Town”.

I hope that I make it. I’m so excited. Anyway, I love you

all, and will update you if I make it.


Bending glass September 5, 2008

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Today in school we bent glass.  It was so much fun.  I made mine in a shape that looks kind of like a flamingo.  This isn’t my glass, but this is what they look like.Trinkroehrchen_DSCN6113.jpg